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Teyandei – Shibuya

Food Menu


Sea Grapes Carpaccio (Umibudo)・・・¥600
A peculiar seaweed of Okinawa that looks like grapes, hence their name.

Handmade Jimami-tofu・・・¥500
An Okinawan tofu we carefully make by hands. It is made from peanuts.
Pickled Okinawan Leeks (Salted or Tempura)・・・¥580
A perfect match for liquor.
Half-Dried Pork Ears and Pork Belly Dressed with Red Chili Peppers Oil・・・¥600
Finely Cut Okinawan Agu Pork Sausages and Carrots・・・¥680
Finely sliced and lightly seasoned.
Purple Sweet Potatoes and Cream Cheese Croquettes・・・¥600
Cream cheese wrapped with purple sweet potato.
Bitter Melon and Burdocks Roots Chips・・・¥600
The bitter melon and burdocks roots are so crispy you won’t be able to stop.
Corned Beef Hash Omelet・・・¥600
Fluffy and cooked in the oven.
Fried Potatoes Curry with Cheddar Cheese Tacos Sauce・・・¥680
Okinawan fried potatoes with plentily herb-flavored salad and tacos cheddar sauce.
Okinawan Mozuku Seaweed and Vegetables Tempura・・・¥680
Have a taste of Okinawan salt with tempura.


Okinawan Antipasti Set
Single Antipasti: ¥380
For 2-3 persons: ¥980
For 4-5 persons: ¥1680
A set of hors d’oeuvres made with seasonal ingredients that go well with liquor. Please ask our staff for the menu of the day.

Tender Rafute Stewed Pork Topped with Potatoes in Thick Starchy Sauce・・・¥600
The thick starchy sauce made with potatoes and milk, and the tender rafute stewed pork go really well together.
Fried Taimo Yam Tatsu-age・・・¥680
Taimo are boiled until soft, and pickled for a day and fried to crunchiness. With tartare sauce.
Eel and Okinawan Nori Omelet in Thick Slices・・・¥680
Omelet made with plenty of eel, Okinawan nori, and love. 
Fried Okinawan Nori and Shrimps Mayonnaise・・・¥780
The Okinawan Nori and Shrimps are fried and crispy, and dressed with our special mayonnaise sauce.

Grandma’s Traditional Chanpuru Dishes

Bitter Melon Chanpuru・・・¥680
The most well-known Chanpuru with bitter melon, tofu, and meat mixed and stir-fried together. A nutritious meal with a lot of vitamins.
Fu Chanpuru・・・¥680
A Chanpuru made with ‘fu’ (Japanese dry and baked wheat) with a lot of protein.
Beef Tendons and Cabbage Anchovy Chanpuru・・・¥680
Boiled and tender beef tendons and cabbage wrapped in eggs.
Tofu Chanpuru・・・¥680
The healthiest Chanpuru. Recommended for anyone on a diet!
Pork Belly and Salted Somen Chanpuru・・・¥780
Pork belly and noodles match each other perfectly.

Okinawan Vegetables Dishes

Okinawan Agu Ham Salad・・・¥580
A simple potato salad prepared with Okinawan Agu pork ham.
Sea Grapes and Tuna Mineral Salad・・・¥780
Seaweeds full of minerals and tuna go well together.
Okinawan Octopus and Seafood Marine Salad・・・¥880
Served with onion dressing.
Avocado and Okinawan Octopus Spicy Poke Salad・・・¥780
Various seafood and avocado dressed with spicy walleye pollack roe.


Scorched Okinawan Beef Carpaccio・・・¥980
A slightly burnt Okinawan beef leg meat with olive and wasabi sauce.
Okinawan Agu Roast Pork・・・¥980
The Agu pork is cooked at low temperature for 8 hours. Served with our special ginger sauce.
Must-Have: Boiled Benibuta Pork Gyoza – ¥860 / 6 pieces
Okinawan Noodles Boiled in Soup: ¥400
The gyoza are prepared with minced Benibuta pork and plenty of vegetables, and then boiled in a chicken bones broth that was cooked for three days and three nights.
Okinawan Agu Pork Hamburger with Demi-glace Sauce・・・¥980
Pour Teyandei’s special demi-glace sauce on the juicy Okinawan Agu pork hamburger, and enjoy.
Spicy Pork Belly Cartilage Carillo・・・¥780
The pork belly ribs are minced carefully. They match the spicy curry oil perfectly.
TFCN (Teyandei Fried Chicken Nanban)・・・¥780
Teyandei’s special Chicken Nanban with an original pineapple tartare sauce.
Juicy Spam and Blue Cheese Ham Cutlets・・・¥680
Thick slices of ham and blue cheese are inserted inside the cutlets before being fried.

Rice & Noodles

Okinawan Soba
Pork Belly Ribs Soba・・・¥680
Vegetables Soba– ¥680
Spicy Soba– ¥780
The bonito and pork W soup has a refreshing flavor. Choose the noodles to eat with it.
Taco Omurice・・・¥780
A thick omelet placed on top of spicy taco and crispy lettuce.
Squid Ink and Juicy Garlic Rice・・・¥680
Squid ink and garlic are a perfect match to each other. A delicious fried rice.
Okinawan Nori and Young Sardines Soba Peperocino・・・¥880
A lot of young sardines coupled with Okinawan soba for a stylish pasta-like dish.


Purple Sweet Potato Ice in Bread・・・¥600
A mix of Teyandei’s famous dessert and rich purple sweet potato.
Soft Pudding・・・¥450
A soft and smooth pudding.
Sata Andagi with Okinawan Banana Ice・・・¥600
Sata Andagi (Okinawan fried donuts) are served with Okinawan banana ice.
Black Sugar and Ganache Truffle, served with Pistachio Ice・・・¥680
Ganache chocolate with thick black sugar brulee.
Teyandei – Shibuya

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