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Goryonsan – Miyamasuzaka

In Hakata, ‘Goryon-san’ means 'a lady of the house who tends to all it's household affairs'.
in the back alley of Miyamasuzaka in Shibuya, you will find a secret place that serves a Goryon-san’s home cooking.

In Shibuya, go all the way up to the back alley of Miyamasuzaka, and you will reach the secret place.
We are proud of our vegetables rolled skewer that won’t lose to any other places.
Our giblets and vegetables hot pot full of spirit and our boiled gyoza are the real deal, just like in Hakata.

Goryonsan – Miyamasuzaka

1-6-3, Villa First Shibuya B1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002

Hours: Mon〜Fri 17:00-23:30
holiday 16:00~23:30
Food last order: 22:30
Drink last order: 23:00
Opened everyday
Private rooms available
Credit card accepted